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Mark Mason

Art Club Terms & Conditions



Forge cottage art club runs for 49 weeks per year.  We are open during all school holidays unless otherwise advised.  If the club day falls on either Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day the club will be rescheduled to another suitable day during that holiday period, unless it is a scheduled club closure day.

We have 3 weeks of scheduled club closures per year.  Parents are not charged for this as this as the membership price is for 49 weeks per year. Parents will be given plenty of notice of these dates. 

The club years runs from the 27th of September to 26th of September Each Year


Yearly club membership as of April 2012 is £588.00 for 49 weeks of tutoring.  This equates to £12.00 per two hour session. On September 27th 2012 standing order payments were introduced with a price reduction that reflects 6 absences that a child may make throughout the course of the club year.  Each child is entitled to 49 sessions per year but parents only pay for 43.  The six lessons gratis can be put towards any absences i.e summer holidays that are difficult to be made up. No refunds will be given in the event of any further absences but children can make up lost sessions on another available day if there is a free space.

New membership price when paid by standing order is £520.00 per annum and is spread over 52 weeks, this is divided into 13 equal payments of £40.00 every four weeks.  

The session price is still £12.00 for two hours but there is a discount when paid by standing order.  We require that every parent pays by standing order to ensure commitment and a guarantee from both students and art club owners. We also require parents to continue paying every four weeks even if they are away for the long summer holiday etc or we are on a scheduled club closure as their membership payments are spread out over the year.

If a standing order is stopped or cancelled it will be deemed that your child is leaving the art club.  We require four weeks notice before they leave so we can inform a new starter that a place has become available for them.

Missed art club sessions cannot be put towards our holiday art and craft workshops.

All missed classes must be made up by the end of the club year 26th September and the six free sessions are reset at this date.  

If your child has accumulated more than six absences towards the end of the club year and the intention is to make them up we reserve the right to call in the 6 free sessions to make the target session makeup more realistic.

We also require prior notice if your child will be absent from their chosen session.  We like to remain as flexible as possible in terms of making up sessions for all children.